do u know how hard it is to love a character that’s an asshole on a regular basis knowing that they’re an asshole and they’ve done asshole things but whenever u look at them u are just like. wow. u asshole. i love u. but u. are an asshole

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I may not be able to hurt Emma but I can hurt those around her. Her parents, her friends, her child.

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William looks like he’s thinking, “Geez, son, settle down!” in the first gif! Haha

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I just wanna suck a dick right now. who’s around?

The Lord is and you need to have a talk with him

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My parents didnt let me watch winnie the pooh as a kid because he didnt wear pants

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its never not a good time for this video

…..you…..you found it

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“Is Alec gay?”

Isabelle’s wrist jerked. The eyeliner skidded, inking a long line of black from the corner of Clary’s eye to her hairline. “Oh, hell,” Isabelle said, putting the pen down.

“It’s all right,” Clary began, putting her hand up to her eye.

“No, it isn’t.” Isabelle sounded near tears as she scrabbled around among the piles of junk on top of the vanity. Eventually she came up with a cotton ball, which she handed to Clary. “Here. Use this.” She sat down on the edge of the bed, ankle bracelets jingling, and looked at Clary through her hair. “How did you guess?” she finally said.

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#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context

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i’d probably kill at least three people to get tell me a lie back on one direction’s setlist

i’d fucking slaughter the entire crowd of wembley stadium for the three dates for them to perform stole my heart

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Harry at LAX, 16/4

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